Day Rides – Adventure Day Rides & Two-ups, Dual Sport Rides

Our day rides are a full day of fun and exploration. They include Adventure Day Rides and Dual Sport Two-ups.

Adventure Day Rides (ADR) are a repeating series of guided rides, usually scheduled once a month. Taken on its own, any ADR is a fun, full day of riding. You will spend time in beautiful country, riding with old friends and making new ones.

As a whole, the series has even more to offer: The first ride is an easy introduction to dual sport riding, and the last ride is a serious challenge, designed to allow intermediate / advanced riders the opportunity to seek the limits of their ability. This continual slight increase in riding difficulty over the course of the series provides riders the opportunity to gradually increase their riding ability in a non-instructional, learn-by-doing setting. Many of the highly capable riders who will complete this year’s series were first-time dual sport riders when they signed on for DSR 01!

Although designed with the novice rider in mind, the early rides always offer opportunities for more experienced riders to push themselves as well if desired. Likewise, more challenging rides late in the series often include “go-arounds”, allowing all riders the opportunity to choose their level of challenge.

Adventure Two-ups (TDR; passenger not required) are designed with two goals in mind: To provide novice riders with an adventurous day on manageable terrain; and to provide more experienced riders the opportunity to share their passion with a passenger if they desire. The pace is relaxed, as is the terrain, yet there are usually “extracurricular” opportunities for riders of greater ability.

Two-ups sometimes include other activities as well. We might visit a hot spring, go to an airshow, enjoy a catered lunch… Details are included in each ride’s Introduction. Best of all; barring the price of any such “extracurricular activities”, passengers participate free!

A Dual Sport Ride (DSR), for our purposes, is just that; a full day, stand-alone, on-pavement / off-pavement day ride. During the early stages of an ADR series, we may schedule some more challenging stand-alone DS Rides for more capable riders. Likewise, as the current ADR series progresses toward more advanced riding, we may schedule a few easier DS Rides for new riders who missed the series, and vets looking for a more relaxing day out!

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