Private Guiding

“I don’t think I’m in Iceland (or the Philippines, or Hastings, or…) anymore…”

Visiting the area briefly (business meeting, chess tournament, what-have-you...)? That one free day you have – What an opportunity for an epic adventure ride! Whatever your reason for being here (maybe you even live here!), take our advice: Get Out of Town! How about a tour of the “Serengeti of California”? Or do you see yourself etching a pencil-thin dust line across the vastness of a Mojave plateau? Perhaps “dirt – pavement – wine-tasting – pavement – dirt – wine-tasting…” is more what you have in mind. Can do.

Let’s get you on a bike, and go explore this amazing California landscape! EarthRider will tailor a ride of whatever length or level of challenge you desire, for you or your small group.

Contact EarthRider for scheduling and pricing.

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A snippet from a past day ride found in the Video section of the EarthRider Facebook page.