Multi-Day Rides – DS Overnights, Adventure Rides

What could be better than getting out into the wide world on a day ride once a week? Getting out for the whole week, of course.

Earthrider does not cater to your every motorcyle-touring whim. On the other hand, if we can avoid them, we do not have a must-get-up time, or a must-be-on-the-bike time, or even a must-stop-here-for-the-night location. Rather, our aim is to facilitate well-researched multi-day rides with less structured schedules. You might not have the time, know-how, or inclination to plan and research a multi-day ride; Earthrider doesn’t believe that means you don’t want it to be an adventure!

Dual Sport Overnights (DSO) are mostly about the riding. We pack as light as we reasonably can, and move pretty quickly over terrain that may at times be quite challenging. Previous Overnights have taken us into Baja California, Death Valley, and Mojave National Preserve.

Adventure Rides (ADV) are mostly about “the ride”. They tend to be longer than DSOs. The saddlebags are loaded, the terrain dictates our speed. We are exploring, seeing new places, experiencing new things. Previous Adventure Rides have taken us into Death Valley, San Luis Obispo County, and along the southern Pacific Crest.

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