Event Schedule


The SkilzDrill Series runs twice concurrently, six months out of phase, one Series on Saturdays, the other on Sundays. Taking the classes in order is beneficial, but not a requirement. Only two classes have prerequisites. You will receive a confirmation email after registering, followed by a logistics email with meetup location & other information about 3 days before class. For more info on the series & classes, check the links below:



Rather than a discount for signing up for multiple classes, EarthRider promotes effective learning practice by offering a discount to students taking classes consistently. If you join us for three or more classes in three months' time or less, you may sign up for your 4th class at the Repeating rate, a bit more than half off. Since classes with prerequisites are scarce, you can often make this happen quickly by taking classes in both the Saturday and the Sunday Series.

Remember; if the schedule above doesn't mesh well with your own, EarthRider provides private and semiprivate instruction. Pricing is on a sliding scale for from 1-4 individuals. At four or more students, the cost is equal to the regular SkillzDrill group class rate. Yes; you and three or more of your riding partners can schedule any instruction you want on whatever day you choose, for the SAME GROUP RATE.

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