Dual Sport Instruction – Dual Sport Skilzdrills, Private Instruction

Great dual sport riding boils down to a surprisingly small handful of core skills that can be applied in a rich variety of ways. There are many valuable sources of instruction available to you. Take advantage of as many as you can! Earthrider is one such source. EarthRider offers group skills rides, and private instruction.

Dual Sport Skilzdrills (DSS) are 3/4 - full day classes focused on practicing specific riding techniques in real-world environments. If you have taken a multi-day riding course you were likely exposed to a broad range of riding skills – maybe too broad! Did you master them all? Take advantage of a Skilzdrill to meet up with other riders in a positive environment, and focus on one or two specific riding skills. Join us for an entire series (and do your homework!) to gain in depth understanding of and experience with the vast majority of riding skills you will ever use on the trail.

As a given class progresses, the advanced skill/s in question are broken down into several steps, providing each rider the opportunity to take on as much or as little as he or she desires. In this way, a Skilzdrill provides valuable instruction for riders of multiple levels of ability. Further, there are fundamental techniques that we revisit again and again as we learn new skills. As a result, any Skilzdrill can be taken alone (regardless of your ability level) and will help you improve your general riding ability.

Individually, Skilzdrills offer depth of understanding and experience with specific riding skills. The series as a whole provides you with a broad range of riding experience and ability, with a depth of study that multi-day skill survey courses can't help but lack. Imagine not a 2- or 3- but a 10-day survey course, and you somehow get to jam in a month of practice between each day. That's the idea behind the Skilzdrill Series.

Private Instruction – For the highly motivated rider, the rider who is stuck on a performance plateau, or who desires to focus on a specific skill or skill-set, or the rider who simply has strict schedule demands, EarthRider offers private instruction. Private instruction is arranged to fit your schedule requirements and can be tailored to focus on specific skills, if desired. Don’t be surprised, though, if you improve markedly in several aspects of dual sport riding simultaneously!

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