We like our roughing it on the rough side, here at EarthRider. Day rides usually require riders to pack their own snacks / lunch, and we usually gather up at the end of day at whatever restaurant we're passing by. Thus far, DS Overnights have been similarly arranged.

This does not mean that we don’t enjoy an exquisite dining experience now and then! As it happens, EarthRider is fortunate to be closely associated with one of the finest professional chefs in the western spiral arm of the galaxy. Chef Rachel Main has been the personal chef of choice for some of the most unbelievably wealthy people on the planet, and from time to time, she cooks for us as well. Expect casually elegant dinner events open exclusively to EarthRider clientele; another chance to build community, maintain friendships and make new ones, and enjoy Rachel Main’s awesome culinary creations.

Not excited about packing your own lunch for a day ride? You now have the option to sample Rachel’s food during our rides! If you would like Chef Rachel to prepare a lunch for you to take along on any of our day rides, simply let us know when you register. For an added fee, a scrumptious lunch will be ready for you to pack away when we meet on the morning of the ride. Special dietary concerns gladly adhered to.

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