'08DSR 10/05: Castaic-Mojave-Santa Clarita - Introduction

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Dualsport Ride, full day
Meet Sunday, 05 Oct, 8:30 AM
Meet @ Starbuck's Coffee, Castaic, CA
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Jackrabbit crossing the trail, full out, ears flat…
Flash of batwing against the helmet visor; a brief mid-air at sunset…

Not part of a series, this is an intermediate-level ride unlike any we’ve done so far. There will be some of the mountainous terrain you may be used to, and even a little single track, but much of this ride will see us skimming over remote, barely-used high desert tracks – at a pretty good clip, too. You’ll have fun, whatever you run, but these fading horse thief trails, double-tracks, and unimproved county roads will really let the big bikes shine!

Riding challenges: With few (very short) exceptions, this is a fairly non-technical ride. Much of the desert portion of this ride is sandy – but shallow. Some sand / loose surface experience is required, but the most important skill for this ride – because of the faster than usual pace expected – will be good observation and line selection. Our track is a remote one, and numerous bail-outs exist.

We’ll go over the route in more detail over coffee at Starbuck’s in the morning. Lunch at Mike’s Roadhouse CafĂ© in Mojave is a foregone conclusion. If the timing works out, dinner at Big Oaks Lodge in the Angeles Nat’l Forest might just be the perfect ending to an awesome day’s riding!

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