The Pacific Ridge Route – Baja to Canada: An Epic Adventure In Four Acts

Where can you find an grand riding adventure covering thousands of miles of challenging, breathtaking, and remote terrain, without multiple expensive plane flights, worrisome motorcycle teardown and shipping, and an itinerary interrupted regularly by what can amount to literally days of time spent wheedling your way through border crossings, all while you recover from a host of prophylactic needlings which may or may not prevent you from contracting some exotic disease you can’t spell or pronounce?

Right here in California, Oregon, and Washington – covering some of the most diverse territory in North America.

Following the same general line as the Pacific Crest Trail, the Pacific Ridge Route will cover close to 3000 miles of desert valleys, alpine meadows, mountain highways, deciduous woodlands, temperate rainforests, and nearly every other type of habitat or terrain to be found along the high country of the pacific ridge between the two BCs; Baja California and British Columbia. At this stage only 20-30% of the route is paved. It is expected that once completely mapped out, pavement will cover less than half the route.

In many countries, much of what we would consider main roads are unpaved. Imagine the I-5 freeway as a thirty-foot wide dirt track from L.A. to Sacramento, and you get the idea. Such a road – even unpaved – allows fairly rapid travel, in most cases. Cut to the Pacific Ridge Route: Many of the unpaved sections of this route are narrow tracks hugging the curving topography of steep mountain ranges, or roving up, around, and down miles of empty foothills. No matter what the surface, this route is no freeway.

Tackling such a route in one go would be epic indeed. In keeping with EarthRider’s desire to provide riders the opportunity to build their adventure riding skills over time in manageable steps, our current plan is to divide the route into four separate rides of increasing length and level of challenge. The first section, a four-day ride from Baja California to the Sierra Pelona, is coming soon. The last section will be a 10-14 day adventure through some of the most breathtaking landscape of the pacific northwest.

Links to introductions for each section of the Pacific Ridge Route will be added below as they are brought to completion.

[Baja California to Sierra Pelona]

[Sierra Pelona to ___]

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