'08 DSO 12/05 - The Mojave Road - Introduction

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Dualsport Overnight, 3 days, 2 nights
05-07 December (Friday-Sunday)
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Time to use up a day of sick leave, for we are riding the Mojave Road – the historic trail used by pioneers in covered wagons bound for Californ-eye-ay. This road is an unpaved track traversing remote desert terrain from near Bullhead City, AZ to Barstow, CA.

Taking a break
en route to the Mojave Road
We had way too much fun doing this ride last spring to wait 12 months before doing it again. Last time, getting to the Mojave Road was half the fun. This time, for an unprecedented total of 150% fun, getting back will be half the fun too: Once we leave the I-14 corridor, little more than 30% of our mileage will be paved.

ALL meals will be at local eateries en route with the possible exception of lunch on Day 2.

Friday night we will camp in the southern portion of Mojave National Preserve, and Saturday we will kinda-sorta camp, in tent-cabins in the northern section. Our first night we will be in a fairly “unimproved” area – on our second night… there will be hot tubs! As with all DS Overnights, we aim to travel light, at a steady pace. You will need to pack very little more than you bring on a typical day ride: As well as the few personal items you need for a night decidedly OFF the town, add a sleeping bag, pad, and small tent / tarp to your usual day ride kit (contact ER for camping equipment suggestions / rentals). Most riders find a tail bag to be sufficient, although saddlebags are acceptable.

The Mojave is full of surprises;
Bring a rock - leave a rock!

This excursion will require intermediate dual sport skill level. The primary – nearly the only – significant challenge we will encounter is sand in various forms. If you want to come on this ride and are concerned about your sand handling capabilities, contact Earthrider about the possibility of setting up a pre-ride group or individual sand clinic.

One of the more exciting aspects of this desert
ride is... the water!
- Pre-ride packing guidance
- Inexpensive rental camping gear (small stock; ask early if interested)
- Route planning, logistics
- Guided riding at all times
- All camping fees
- GPS tracks if desired. Note: you do not need a gps or a roll chart for this ride!

Contact EarthRider for more information or to register.

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