'09 ADR 09/19 - R7 - NE Los Padres Loop - Intro

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Adventure Day Ride, full day
19 September, 8:00 am
Ojai Coffee Roasting Co.
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Morning in the grasslands
Get ready for a grand adventure day ride! Freeways, Jeep trails. Highways, single-track. Mountain roads, canyon trails. Our route takes us around a huge section of the Los Padres National Forest, both along high ridgelines, and down into narrow valleys. Gorgeous scenery!

Midday forest trails
This ride is generally intermediate in nature, with two short sections that earn it a slightly higher R7 rating. (both sections have go-arounds). Primary challenges will involve steep terrain & single track. Intermediate / advanced riders should get a lot of enjoyment out of the chosen terrain, and remember, EarthRider is about helping you improve your riding:

Afternoon on the blacksnake's back
If you think you are on the cusp of intermediate riding, contact us to discuss whether or not this ride is appropriate for your skill level. This may be an opportunity to test your ability in the company of our supportive regular ridership.

There will be a mid-day restaurant lunch stop and, as always, an optional dinner stop as well, before we break up & head homeward.

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