'09 ADR 11/28 - R6 - The Carrizo Area - Intro

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Adventure Day Ride, full day
28 November, 7:30 am
Ojai Coffee Roasting Co.
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Lunch Options

An appealing ridgeline

Looking to get out in the fresh Autumn air & work off some of Thanksgiving's waistline memorabilia? This ride will get your blood pumping - for a seriously full day!

Open spaces beckon

Imagine the November BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County shop ride on steroids. All the scenery (and more), twice the average speed, and three times the challenge, is a rough approximation. For those of you who desire a basis of comparison – our last ER ADR (09/19) was rated R7. This ride is basically R5, with a few short “eye-openers” earning it an R6 rating. If you are a BMW shop ride veteran who is comfortable with the shop R4 rides, this is a great next step.

Getting there & back is half the fun

Primary challenges consist of ascents & descents, and rough road. Accessing views that can reach across the entire central valley to the Sierras, or far into the coastal ranges, rising to the challenge is well worth the effort!

This will be a long day. Lunch will be in the middle of nowhere as usual; byo, or have Chef Rachel prepare something for you:

H & C
Ham & Swiss cheese with lettuce, tomato, & Dijon mustard on a croissant
~or ~
Grilled vegetable sandwich with hummus, chimichurri, $ roasted vegetables on a baguette
~or ~
Roasted Turkey Sandwich
House Roasted Turkey, roasted red peppers, red onion marmalade & arugula with herbed mayo on a baguette

All options include a locally grown apple, & a homemade cookie for dessert.

Special diets happily accommodated. If you would like lunch prepared for you, please let us know by 26 November.

Soda Lake, Carrizo Plain National Monument


Blake "Towstrap" Hill
The "Honey, Hand Me the Remote" GSA Tour

Peter Neuper
'09 ADR 08/01

Paul "Captain America" Beck
'09 DSS04 03/28

Kurtis "Slick" Heidolph
'09 ADR 11/07

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