The SkillzDrill Series Victory Lap


Dualsport Ride / "In Situ"
8:00 AM

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This optional R6-7 terrain requires good use
of Control Synergy & Counterbalancing.
Congratulations! If you've been participating in the SkillzDrill Series up to this point, your riding ability has probably changed dramatically. This day, more post-Series ride than class, is your opportunity to get together with other students and friends, test yourself on the bike, and celebrate your newfound abilities.

Looks like R5 sand? We'll add more rocks...
Prepare for a full day out on the roads and trails. Beautiful scenery on either side of the slab in the morning will give way to some of the challenging Sand riding experienced in the last class of the Series. The morning will continue on some very fast unpaved terrain, where Tire Lofting will likely serve us well in handling obstacles without big slow-downs. Good Control Synergy will be a must when the trail gets narrow, steep, & curvy later on. Rocky, root-infested sections in particular will call for the careful line selection we began to focus on In Situ. As the day progresses, steep Uphill and Downhill trails will lead to easier terrain guiding us back to the slab for our homeward journey.

If we look more or less like this at
the end of the day, we did it right.
Trails like this require control synergy
- and confidence - to ride.
In short, you will have the opportunity to make use of every skill taught in every class thus far. We will discuss & practice linkage of multiple skills, timing, and line selection where even the "good line" is a challenge. As in the R4-5 In Situ class, we will discuss riding challenges as they come up in challenging real-world riding - though only as required or requested by students; Less Talk, More Ride.

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Trail Ratings - R3

Basically well-graded. R1 plus a few turns & inclines, which is about R2. Then add some shallow ruts & small loose rocks...

Posted by EarthRider on Friday, April 6, 2012

R3 - From the Trail Ratings Videos playlist on the EarthRider FB page.