SkillzDrill 08 - Downhill


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Dualsport Skilzdrill, full day
8:00 AM

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Managing plenty of momentum on
grit-covered hardpack
Descending on an adventure bike is - an adventure. The bigger the bike, the less room for error we are allowed in controlling momentum. On steep descents, loss of momentum control for less than a second may well render you unable to stop the bike for the remainder of the descent.

This class will present a number of techniques for controlling descents, with the goal of conveying options that don’t include a long, high-pitched, vowel-laden yell, or any ensuing visits to the parts department:

This class will build skills - 
and confidence.
“Hello, this is your local motorcycle shop, how may I direct your call?…”
“Post-descent trauma ward, please.”
“Just a moment… PARTS! Line two…”

Steep stop.
Our primary aim is to show riders how to get heavy bikes safely down steep, varied terrain, using techniques that are appropriate for each rider's comfort and ability level. [If your bike doesn't say Mongoose, Trek, Diamond Back, or Schwinn on it anywhere, it's probably "heavy".]

Starting with drills on blessed flat ground, we will look at techniques that can help you get down steep hills, rock-strewn downgrades, slippery slopes, side-sloped descents, rutted declivities, and a host of other adjective-noun combinations that all mean the same thing: nightmarish downhill. You will have the opportunity to learn at your own pace, choosing, as the day progresses, just how challenging you want your hills to be.

Join us for a day in the hills - the views should be grand!

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