SkillzDrill 01 - Fundamentals


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Dual Sport Skillzdrill, full day
8:00 am
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In association with BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County, EarthRider's Skilzdrill Series is off and rolling again!

These classes stand alone; feel free to join whichever of them tickle your fancy. However, as a whole, this series gives you the opportunity to spend six months to a year becoming a highly competent adventure motorcycle rider, learning by gaining exposure to a vast array of riding skills presented via pertinent drills & real-world scenarios, and (this is the best part) Complete the full series - and do a little 'homework" in between ["Sorry honey, I have to go out & ride today..."], and your riding ability will skyrocket in a very short time. Classes are usually on the fourth Saturday &/or Sunday of each month. Saturday classes generally meet at BMWVC.
Default meeting time is 8:00 am; one or two classes that take up more than the usual amount of time may meet at 7:30.

Remember; although there is method to the order of the classes themselves, and taking them in order provides maximum benefit, any of the first 10 classes may be taken without prerequisites. In reality, scheduling conflicts virtually certify that you will be picking up classes you missed, the next time the series comes around - which won't be too long; the series is running twice simultaneously, staggered 6 months apart.

I suggest not skipping any of the classes in the series because you suspect your experience level is higher than the course caters to; I have never seen a rider of any skill level leave any of my classes without visible riding improvement. If you take one of my classes, and at the end of the day you honestly think you learned nothing & your riding did not improve, let me know & I'll return your money.

This first class assumes you have street riding experience, and little or no experience on other terrain. We will begin by covering how to set up your bike’s controls for riding off pavement. Then, over the course of a day’s excursion both on and off pavement, we will study turning basics, discuss and practice the fundamentals of standing riding position, and introduce counterbalancing. These are KEY skills for dual sport riding, especially with bigger bikes. This is a great opportunity to build a strong skill base for future riding, or to brush up on the basics.
I can’t over-stress it; you can NEVER work too much on these fundamentals. All future rides in the Skilzdrill series -- not to mention every ride you ever embark on -- will refer back to what we learn today. To put it another way, if you are familiar with nine different ways to instigate a turn on a motorcycle, this class might not have anything to offer you - but i doubt it.

If 10% of the world's roads are paved, this class opens the gate between you and the other 90%. Class size will be limited to 12 riders. Expect a full day of instruction and a lot of personal attention.

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