SkillzDrill 09 - Uphill


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Dual Sport Skillzdrill, full day
8:00 am
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Confidence & assertive riding are
key to successful hill climbing.
[Terry Eannetta, DSR 12]

Sometimes a climb doesn't go exactly
as expected; contingency plans rule!
[Doug Ford, DSR 08]

Finally, we get to go charging up all those hills we went down during the Downhill Skilzdrill! The noise! The power! The flying dirt!

Or not. Oftentimes, and especially on the bigger bikes, successful hill climbing requires less throttle than it does good line selection, contingency planning, and finesse with the controls we learned so much about during DSS 05. You’ll use your throttle in this class, yes. You’ll use your brain even more.

Lots of things can go wrong on a
climb; but life goes on!

Learn what to do next.

You get to choose whether this
trail looks intimidating, or fun.
We will start the day with introductory drills focusing on managing failed climb attempts – valuable skills to have! As the day progresses, we will encounter increasingly demanding hill scenarios, including hills that are steep, rutted, cambered, curving, bumpy, loose – or a pleasant mixture of several of those things!
This is not a rocket-launching expedition; our goal is to develop the skills necessary to complete challenging climbs in a controlled manner. When adventure riding, your rest at day’s end may well be a hundred miles beyond the intimidating hill you encounter at midday. The purpose of this class is to get you up it in one piece.

Class will finish up in the early afternoon (with options for continued group riding). Pack a middle-of-nowhere-&-MAN-I'm-hungry lunch.

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