SkillzDrill 03 - Backing In


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Dual Sport Skillzdrill, full day
8:00 am
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Ever come into a turn too hot & end up on the outside shoulder, wishing you could've saved the turn somehow?
Ever think the only way you could increase your speed on that curvy fire road is if it were straighter?
Ever wonder how you might save yourself on a narrow road if a huge truck comes barreling around a sharp corner at you?
Ever think skidding your big huge adventure bike sideways to a stop would be a fun thing to do if you could pull it off?

Drills start with the basics and
progress in simple stages.
This day of seriously confidence-building drills will focus on off-pavement cornering – rear tire first. In manageable steps, we will work toward skidding into / around turns. Gaining confidence in your ability to execute this controlled cornering technique puts another valuable self-rescue skill under your belt. As luck would have it, it’s a lot of fun too.

Backing In, 2008. This rider's off-pavement
experience began only months previously.
This Skilzdrill will be a valuable learning experience for riders of all levels of ability: Stopping your bike with the rear brake is a beginning skill, and ruddering your bike around corners is an advanced skill. We will work on both, and all the steps in between. Every rider chooses for him- or herself how many steps to work on. This class has much to offer both novices and more experienced riders.

Class is expected to end by mid-afternoon. We will be out in the hills most of the time; be sure to pack along lunch / snacks. You will receive more "what-to-bring" & other info upon registration.

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