SkillzDrill 10 - Backing Out


Dualsport Skilzdrill
8:00 AM
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Solid understanding of form is
fundamental to more complex
skills like backing out.

Being able to steer with the rear is an invaluable skill for riders of big adventure bikes.  On long rides or tours, being able to comfortably manage partial traction on winding unpaved roads can have a significant effect on when you make it to camp, or how much mileage you can cover in a day. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you know what to do, should the rear tire break loose unexpectedly.
Comfort modulating traction, like you modu-
late power & breaking, can increase
your average speed on curving roads
like this by 30% or more.
Those all sound like great reasons to learn an "advanced" skill. But when it comes right down to it, managing partial traction is the most effective way to steer a big bike off pavement. Period. Keep in mind, you always have only partial traction; if your tire wasn't slipping as you carve a turn on the slab, you'd never wear it out. This day is about learning to use traction like you use power: Sometimes you want a little, sometimes you want a lot. Learn to create the amount you want, & control it to accomplish your riding goals.

During this class, we will work toward using throttle-induced rear tire traction loss to facilitate  turning on unpaved surfaces. This Skilzdrill builds directly on counterbalancing – as so many do! Morning drills will provide review of more basic skills, leading stepwise to advanced techniques; the day will provide valuable material for riders of beginning skill level & beyond.

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