SkillzDrill 04 - Control Synergy


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Dual Sport Skillzdrill, full day
8:00 am
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Learn how to use the controls to add
stability on slow, sharp corners.
This class is about synergistic, simultaneous use of your motorcycle’s controls. The day’s drills & discussion will focus on sometimes-counterintuitive techniques for multiple control use that will give you an edge in some of dualsport’s more challenging riding situations. You thought twisting the throttle was fun; wait ‘til you try it with the brakes on!

Single tracks often require
simultaneous use of controls.
On an adventure bike, "When In Doubt, Gas It Out" is more of a tongue-in-cheek battlecry than a consistently safe & successful way to navigate through over or around obstacles. After all, adventure riders generally want not only to "make it" through the challenging section at hand, but they also want bike & rider to be good to go for anywhere from another 100 miles to 100 days of riding, afterward. The goal of this class is to show you how to arm yourself with the balance, techniques, & timing needed to master sections of challenging terrain at slow, safe speeds. Morning drills & discussion will focus on different ways to increase your control of the bike by overlapping the use of sometimes opposing vehicle controls. We'll talk about when to make use of which technique, & begin to develop the muscle memory needed for success.

Later we will move to real world applications in an instructional environment: With our newfound techniques in mind, we will analyze lengths of challenging terrain as a group, developing and implementing riding strategies trail section by trail section. A little bit of “recess” riding will provide a fun finish for our day.

{More examples of situations in which the skills we will practice can facilitate success}

As always, we will be working our way from easier to more advanced techniques, and many drills can be performed at various grades of challenge: There will be something for riders of all ability levels to benefit from.

Simultaneous use of the rear tire & harmonica - while holding a drink with the knees.
Don't expect to be this good by the end of the day; we're miracle-workers, not God!
Don "So Cool" Gordon, 1st Biannual Mojave Ride. Paul "Captain America" Beck, left, is searching for his earplugs.

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