SkillzDrill 05 - Focus On Counterbalancing


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Dualsport Skilzdrill, full day
8:00 AM
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Roadside assistance. We don't always need dirt to
drive home a lesson.
Do you remember in The Karate Kid, when Daniel spends weeks washing cars & painting fences only to discover he was actually developing proficiency in a number of karate blocks & strikes?* "Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off..."

Counterbalancing is like that. Initially, it can seem like we are just practicing a different way to turn. When you get it, everything else will begin to fall into place: Sand. Ruts. Boulders. Emergency swerves. Loose hill climbs. Partial traction. U-turns. Off pavement or on. Which is why this skill is presented in different ways in two

Body position is crucial for effective
counterbalancing. Where do you see
room for improvement?
separate classes, early in the series: Every student who has taken this class has shown improvement in future classes or on future rides. No past student or ride participant to date - not even EarthRider's most skilled regulars - show
complete mastery of this all-important skill. Conclusion: Everyone will benefit from taking this class, and taking it again. Here's a deal for you: Take this class & repeat it as often as you can: When you can honestly say at the end of the day that your riding didn't improve and you don't see how further study of this skill could improve your riding, EarthRider will refund your fee for the day and buy you dinner and tell the waitress its your birthday.

This Skilzdrill will be a full day of instruction. Structure & drills differ from DSS 02; different drills help counterbalancing "click" for different riders - & counterbalancing can be used in different ways to accomplish different riding goals. Come join us for another day studying this immensely valuable skill.

Kudos for Counterbalancing. See more testimonials here.

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