SkillzDrill 12 - M.A. In Sand


Dualsport Skilzdrill 
8:00 AM
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Don't Let This Happen To YOU!

Familiar with terrain like this? You will be.
This class begins where Sand 101 left off; turning in sand. We will start our day (after some beautiful morning slab riding) by learning about some of the most challenging
When this road looks fun, you've earned that M.A.
aspects of sand riding: Deep sand, sand with rocks, sandy tracks
requiring sharp turns. Class will start with drills and evolve into an In Situ class / ride over a broad spectrum of sandy terrain.

This SkillzDrill requires more than novice level experience. If you've been participating in the SkillzDrill series up to this point, you should find this class challenging and educational. Make contact with EarthRider via email before registering. Sand 101 or equivalent experience is a prerequisite for this class.

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