SkillzDrill 06 - Sand 101 [Sand Is Not My Foe!]


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Dualsport Skilzdrill, full day 
8:00 AM
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You'll learn several ways to
get un-stuck. '09 DSS 03 02/21
This is the part where you open the door to a rich new world of adventure riding opportunities. In our neck of the woods, building confidence in sand is like taking the leash off. Ninety percent of the world’s roads may be unpaved, but around here, it seems like about 75% of those are sandy. Want to go to Tehachapi? Sand. Mojave? Sand. Death Valley? Sand. Anza Borrego? Baja California? The beach (you can ride it at Pizmo)? Sand, sand, sand. What are you riding on when that compacted decomposed granite covering local mountain roads becomes unconsolidated? Sand. Want to join us for the infamous bi-annual Mojave 3-day ride in spring? Beautiful scenery, joyful camping camaraderie, brilliant riding, gigantic, scary cactus looming over the trail – the SANDY trail…

Discussing body position for
executing turns in sand.

When it comes to sand I see three major groups of riders: The hard-eyed “Sand? No way.” group; the leery, eye-rolling, “I don’t like sand but I’ll paddle through if I have to,” group; and lastly, the small “Hey, this is fun!” group, often wide-eyed with surprise. The aim of this day is to place you somewhere between groups 2 and 3. (Want to push it over the top? Stay on track through DSS 12: “My Friend Sand”.)

We will put lessons learned in previous Skilzdrills to good use here. In fact, we will start with a brief review. Staying in practice with what you learn during the early classes will be a great help during Sand 101. Even better, the skills you practice during this class will prove valuable not just in sand but on a variety of different terrains.

Success in sand can require a variety of skills.
Sand is a fairly advanced challenge for adventure riders. Nevertheless, this Skilzdrill - as they all do - begins with simpler, fundamental skills and moves on through more advanced applications; no matter how far away (or close!) you think you are from being a competent sand rider, this class has much to offer.

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